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Biggest Reputation Crises in Australia 2010

Corporate and organizational crises continued to fill the headlines and shred reputations during 2010. The Qantas A380 near-disaster off Singapore tops the list of 10 worst Australian reputational crises during the year, but there were many strong contenders for top … Continue reading

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False advertising for a cereal offender

Fruit with your morning cereal is good for you …. Right?  But what if there is more fruit on the box than there is in the cereal itself? That is what happened this month when the Australian Competition and Consumer … Continue reading

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How WikiLeaks is a wakeup call for business

While WikiLeaks continues to embroil and embarrass governments around the world, corporations and other organizations need to reassess their own vulnerability to the increasing threat of “involuntary transparency.” WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange told Forbes Magazine that more than half the … Continue reading

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Tiger Woods proves the experts wrong . . . . again

 When Tiger Woods’ personal life and his golf game fell apart there was no shortage of self-appointed reputation experts who proclaimed that he was finished as a brand Some sponsors quickly abandoned the fallen star and two professors at the University … Continue reading

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Study shows risk management not well integrated

A new Australian study reinforces an established truth – risk management needs to start at the top of any major organization The study of top companies on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX500) found that governance and risk management frameworks are … Continue reading

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Why reputation risk management must come from the top

When Toyota and Nissan both announced a further round of vehicle recalls, there was renewed corporate focus on the reputational damage which can be caused by a crisis. An article in the Wall Street Journal concluded that brand value is hard to define … Continue reading

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Is issue advertising just a waste of money?

A recent advertising campaign by Australia’s largest bank has revived the question of whether paid advertising in support of a corporate issue has any real value. The Commonwealth Bank (CBA) was understandably upset and angry when their CEO was wrongfully … Continue reading

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