Bank staff help breach security

One of the main elements of crisis prevention is effective systems and processes.

But what happens when systems are undermined from the inside?

A survey of Australian banks’ call centres found that half of their staff are prepared to help people access someone else’s financial records.

The researchers called the banks asking how they could get access to their friend or partner’s account, and in far too many instances the bank staff were very “helpful”

When it comes to issue and crisis management every organization faces its “natural” risks – the industry-specific  risks which go with territory, and which should be at the top of any list of areas for crisis prevention.

For banks you would think that security had to be number one, and maybe number two and number three as well.

But this worrying study warns against over-reliance on systems and processes. 

The banks whose security had been breached told the researchers they were “surprised.”  Isn’t that comforting.


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