KFC apologises over mistimed burger promotion

Regular readers of my online issue and crisis management newsletter Managing Outcomes, will know that I have featured a number of mistimed, mismanaged or misconceived promotional efforts by the fast food industry.

Now KFC in Australia has managed to add to that litany of mistakes.

KFC thought it would be a great idea to launch their new DOUBLE burger (which replaces buns with two pieces of chicken sandwiching bacon and cheese) by a special “VIP preview Offer” to its email database. The email offered VIP customers a preview offer to try the new product the day before its official launch.

Problem was many shops knew nothing about the offer. The result was a social media firestorm on the KFC Australia Facebook Page.

KFC Corporate Affairs Manager Zac Rich, Corporate Affairs Manager, KFC Australia, told the online business site Mumbrella: “This is the first time that we have offered our Facebook fans access to a product prior to launch. While there are some customers who have had trouble getting a hold of a Double, it has gone very well in most areas. We apologise to those customers who have been unable to buy the product but rest assured that it will definitely be available across Australia from tomorrow.”

Not a bad apology, but maybe it would have been better to have planned properly in the first place.


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