Japan’s nuclear crisis response is sadly predictable

While it is too soon to draw proper conclusions about the management response to the Japanese nuclear crisis, Jim Lukaszewski has posted a remarkable commentary under the heading “Crisis Management Always Causes a Management Crisis”

As a legitimate crisis guru –  as opposed to a self-appointed social media commentator – Lukaszewski says it’s no surprise whatever that Japanese authorities have underestimated the extent, casualties and scope of the disaster.  Nor is it any surprise that the authorities are reluctant to move for fear of making the situation worse.

And, despite all the headlines and hand-wringing, Lukaszewski says none of this should be a surprise, because this is how almost all corporate crisis responses begin.

His conclusion?  In just about every corporate and public disaster within his memory, this is the pattern of leadership behavior that prevails, in the beginning.

For calm reason amid media frenzy, his words are well worth reading


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