Igniting a chain of accountability

Amid panic and exaggeration about the ongoing disaster at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant, Dana Wilkie, communications and editorial director at the Public Affairs Council in Washington, offers a calm and thoughtful perspective.

Her blog is a timely reminder that that public perception about nuclear power and radioactivity borders on paranoiac, and is often misinformed. That the science behind radiation is so complicated, most Americans find it easier to believe what rock stars say as they tour the country on anti-nuclear singing crusades.

And, most importantly for the experts trying to ‘explain’ the crisis, highlighting widespread belief that radiation exposure from nuclear power is always bad, no matter what the level.

So as a result it’s the public perception about nuclear power – not the reality – that company executives must address.

Citing crisis author Peter Firestein, Wilkie reiterates the absolute requirement for an effective crisis plan. “Does this tell you everything you’re going to do in a disaster? Hardly. But it ignites a chain of accountability and the ability to communicate.”

Read her full blog at http://pac.org/blog/imagine


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