Top ten issue and crisis stories

This week saw the 100th issue of Managing Outcomes. To mark the occasion this Special Anniversary Edition blog revisits our ten most popular issue and crisis stories as judged by how often they were opened. 

Superstar or scientist: who do you believe? Managing issues is hard enough, yet scientific uncertainty about the facts makes it even more difficult. The intervention of celebrity activists can make it virtually impossible (Feb 2011)

Are computer crises the Achilles heel of Business? The American crisis author Tim Coombs says crises may be unpredictable, but they should not be unexpected. Continuing computer problems seem to be a constant reminder of what can go wrong and the threat to reputation (August 2011)

My mum the health risk expert Worried mothers and helpless babies are two potent symbols when it comes to raising the latest heath scare. So, how should companies and regulators respond when faced with risk allegations about yet another product? (October 2011)

People may be your greatest risk Individual dishonesty or incompetence remains one of the greatest and most misunderstood sources of potential crisis risk (January 2012)

Australian CEO study highlights crisis vulnerability Northing damages reputations faster or deeper than a crisis or an issue mismanaged. Yet new Australian research suggests CEOs are not providing the leadership or priority needed for effective crisis preparedness or prevention (February 2012)

Is the CEO really the best crisis spokesperson? What to say in a crisis and who should say it.  These two questions can determine whether an organization’s reputation is enhanced or irreparably damaged when things go wrong (June 2012)

Why crises SHOULD make executives feel insecure It’s no surprise that crisis can have a dramatic and prolonged effect on organizational reputation and share value. But new research now documents how crises also cost executives their jobs (February 2013)

No more ‘abundance of caution’ . . . please When organizations get into trouble it’s time for clear and open communication, not hiding behind silly phrases to somehow redefine the situation (September 2013)

Abuse of financial trust destroys reputations It’s been a pretty rough few months for the reputation of people who we trust to look after money. Sadly, executive dishonesty seems to be one of the “undiscussibles”  when it comes to assessing organizational risk issues (October 2013)

Missing Flight MH370) and “feeding the beast” When the true story of what happened to Malaysian flight MH370 is finally told there will need to be at least one lengthy chapter on the utterly failed standards of some sections of the news media (April 2014)

Thanks as always to my loyal readers for their support and emails. The sad part of this 100th issue review is that the same problems keep recurring.


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