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Since when has age disqualified issue activism?

Whatever you think of Greta Thunberg and school students around the world marching to protest about climate change, there is an important underlying question: Do young people have a valid voice in important issues of the day? There were plenty of … Continue reading

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Choosing just the right words can shape issues and crises

Words really do matter – especially when it comes to issue and crisis management. The most recent example is a proposal to change the way we refer to climate change. The Guardian newspaper has just updated its style guide to … Continue reading

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Pink slime shows the importance of naming the issue

Naming an issue can be the most important aspect of issue management.  And the recent Pink Slime saga in the United States highlights that a name alone can effectively decide a high profile controversy. A few years ago American meat … Continue reading

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Greenpeace gets creative . . . but falls down flat

It’s amazing what passes these days for political protest and legitimate issue campaigning. In an extraordinarily futile gesture, Greenpeace campaigners on bicycles turned up outside the South Melbourne office of advertising company Whybin/TBWA* after the agency was awarded the global … Continue reading

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