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No. Issue Management is not the same as Strategic Planning

If it’s your job to manage issues, you might have been asked: Isn’t issue management really just an extension of our existing strategic planning? It’s a good question, because issue management is basically a tool for analysis and planning. It’s also … Continue reading

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10 good reasons to prioritise your risk issues

It’s not hard to think up a list of issues and problems which might potentially turn into crises. Such a list might even look impressive. But it’s useless if it isn’t linked to action. And it can only be linked to action … Continue reading

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Why Business Continuity is not the same as Crisis Management

Any organization which imagines that a business continuity plan makes them ‘crisis prepared’ is due for a big and costly surprise. Because business continuity is just one element of strategic crisis management, and failure to recognise this reality can leave you … Continue reading

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Size is no protection against reputation risk

It’s easy to imagine that it’s mainly big companies, big brands and high-profile celebrities who are vulnerable to reputation damage. But a small New Zealand company has shown that every organization, no matter what size, can be at risk from public issues. … Continue reading

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